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Therapy Tactics for Everyone

Monthly each 2nd Sunday morning 11am-12pm, one hour zoominars!

 July's zoominar will be Sunday, July 10, 11am-12pm Eastern Time

On a monthly basis, learn a few basic therapy tactics to self-activate new roads out of repetitive relationship patterns.

 For July 10 the topic is 

Relationship Obstacles. How they probably started and tactics to dissolve their interference with your current happiness. 

Participation is limited to 10 people.

The talk will broadly present my theories on ways early life family belief systems sometimes become adult interaction patterns which debilitate our relationship happiness. 

Next will be practical applications for your own use, of therapy tactics to recognize invalid assumptions of your positive contribution within a relationship, and to develop more accurate self-appreciation of ways you offer someone your care.  

Questions and discussion will follow.

The talk and discussion hour is for education and for personal self-use.  
The talk and discussion is not individual therapy, and is not group therapy.

Fee: $20 each monthly session.  

To register: at least 4 days before the talk, complete the contact form, or email me directly,  

"[email protected]

Once registered, I’ll email you a PayPal link, and once payment is received, the zoom link one day ahead of the talk.

For answers to your questions related to this monthly zoom class, email me or phone me, 201.445.4770.

I look forward to encourage your awareness to deeper relationship happiness! 

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