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My name is Sherry Katz, LCSW.
I am clinically trained in Systems/Relational Therapy. This basically means that the way someone relates to themselves and others, is key in their feeling of life contentment.

Life's difficult feelings such as anxiety, self-doubt, depression, stress, tension, sense of personal failure, self-doubt, lack of confidence, are primarily based in how and what a person has learned from childhood relationships, to expect from others and continues believing is the most likely outcome from relating.

If feeling unloved, misunderstood, humiliated, ignored, controlled, mostly inadequate, overlooked, betrayed, or abandoned, are part of your childhood context, then as an adult you may expect others to interact with you as harshly as once was true of your early life.

Changing our fundamental expectations and patterns of relating, is possible. Developing such changes is the reason to do your therapeutic self and relationship work, in my practice.

Basically, Change your View, Change your Life!

Your particular details will be our session work of what and how to do so.

We will focus on the relationship area(s) YOU identify need work. We'll talk about the obstacles to reaching your goal and discuss ways of opening these inner barriers. Our work will define your strong points and your blind spots. We will talk about how to apply your best points as well as what you may be missing.

Our sessions will address your trials and errors along the way of expanding confidence in creating a happy life and relationships. You will be able to borrow from my belief in you while revising your own.

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