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Relationship Counseling for Couples to recognize and accept their own and their partner's true Self, expand on the harmonious points, define realistic possibilities for accepting the other's less likeable features.

If you feel stress more often than not in your marriage.

If your friends know and understand you better than your partner.

If you prefer talking and being together with your friends more than your partner.

If you feel lonely, criticized, sad, ignored, isolated, anxious or depressed being together or talking with your partner.

Then consider couples therapy in the encouraging therapy environment I offer people.

To know more about what drives your relationship dynamics opens a starting point to what and how you are able to change about them.

Change Your View Change Your Life

Relationship Counseling for Individuals to more fully know the range of your expectations from a prospective partner.

If you'd like to attract someone likeminded to who you are and who loves in ways similar to your ways of loving a partner, then therapy with me will encourage your confidence in these areas and your self-belief to respect and maintain your true definition of a loving relationship.

Sometimes people partner with another due to feeling insecure and pressured to simply not be alone.

Our therapy work will support you to clarify your unique terms so your next relationship is based instead on your highest standards!

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