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Contact trace Your Life

Contact trace Your Life

Just as germs create a course as they move from person to person and affect each of us somewhat differently, so too our core interaction patterns have a course as they move from generation to generation, which affects each of us somewhat differently.

Politics and ethics of tracing germs aside, I would like you to know there is a the very real emotion based logic each generation passes to the next, albeit without conscious awareness of the process happening.

If grandma on your mother's side always encouraged your mother to succeed professionally, your mother is now successful in her professional life, you are successful in your professional life, and you wonder why many people admire your high achievement which you consider the only natural path, then you are clearly living the normal process of how standards and expectations pass through to the next generation.

A more difficult example to consider because it is rooted in pain, is if your grandmother, same or other grandma, was made to feel small and afraid while growing up.

If somehow this grandma felt diminished, self-doubting, lacked confidence in her worth, due to the way close others treated her, then there would be no surprise if your mother lived with significant relationship distress with a partner who ignored her feelings, dismissed her opinions, and considered her views as second in value to their own.

Similarly, your own natural acceptance of a partner who rarely engages with you, seems detached emotionally from you, or one who speaks to you in insulting ways which they believe is their right, or one who more often than not, is highly critical of your expressions, life priorities, and daily activity, probably has roots in a family legacy concept of these qualities as normal within a relationship. 

If the interactions you'd like to change in your life are based in generational patterning, then appreciate the deep rooted meaning and therefore your strong effort and time necessary to change them.  

Your inner emotional work will feel painful sometimes, and your uplifted spirit which results, will thank you greatly!

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