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The Luxury of Getting to Know Your Anxiety

The Luxury of Getting to Know Your Anxiety

From what I've felt firsthand and as a therapist, anxiety delivers a sense of tightening, foreboding and overwhelm all at once.

It is as though in response to anticipating a negative outcome, a person tries to control this outcome without clearly considering  the reality of whether their fear is warranted, or if in fact the person to some degree truly has some capacity for responding to difficulty. 

Because it reaches our inner stability and functioning in a disruptive and distracting way, anxiety often makes daily responsibilities and future planning difficult to complete.

Anxiety in each of us differs based on our deepest self-questioning.  

Topics like our basic self-worth, entitlement to self-expression, and confidence in our abilities to see our way through unknown difficulties, are some of the major areas contained within anxiety.

No wonder people imagine avoidance of understanding their own anxiety as their first choice!

If you ever luckily have enough free time in your life to examine your anxiety and how it functions inside you, then you'd familiarize yourself with some of your densest, most complicated inner reasoning.  The benefit of bringing these dynamics into your awareness is so you can manage and guide them better than possible now.  

Ask, "what is inside my anxiety?"

 continue with 

"I recognize some of my fears and uncertainties.  What ways are possible for me to acknowledge my sense of weakness, inferiority, or  vulnerability?"

And use your new self-understanding to bravely try new ways of expressing your true wishes more directly, instead of questioning whether you're entitled to feel as you do.

Anxiety is an overwhelming feeling of a problem, not the problem's source.

If you identify the problem source then you are on the road to dissolving your anxiety!

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