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Love is the First Step, Not the Guarantee of Compatibility

Love is the First Step, Not the Guarantee of Compatibility

The euphoria of romance feels simply wonderful and most of us would like feeling this way forever!

As many already may have learned through painful lessons, this type of idealism toward a partner actually only lasts for a limited time. 

One way to lessen the discomfort of adjusting to everyday reality within your relationship, is by recognizing that compatibility is based on very different dynamics than the attraction which first drew us toward our partner.

Compatibility with a romantic partner widens the relationship scope to all the other life areas already established within each partner's respective existence.

Your respective housekeeping standards, money management views, how much alone time each of you likes, the degree to which family members beyond the couple are considered active participants in a couples' significant decisions, even the ways each of you like to relax and be entertained, are examples of daily living sectors in which any person and therefore any couple lives.

Being compatible in these areas may and not necessarily mean both people have similar views. 

Being compatible means willingness to accept and integrate one another's views whether similar or different from our own, in a peaceful, loving and happy way.

The best way to find out if you or your partner are compatible, is to talk openly about your true feelings and opinions on any topic significant to you. Talk until both of you feel understood and at ease with the two respective viewpoints.

Hiding true feelings behind pretense or superficial dialogue due to fear the relationship might be negatively affected if these were discussed, actually increases the chance of creating the result you hope to avoid.

Resentment, disillusionment, disappointment, all grow from ignorance and deception, not love and understanding. Respect also grows when understanding is present.

Back to our relationship idealism above.

Romantic feelings themselves fade.  Their memory lives on and you can utilize it to fuel the dynamic of achieving a strong, well built platform of compatibility with your partner.

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