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"WHY" Leads The Path to The Future

"WHY" Leads The Path to The Future

Does having a positive attitude about tomorrow result in a happier life?

Does controlling your thoughts so that you concentrate on only the self-affirming and uplifting ones, mean a better existence?

Does consciously trying different approaches to an old and recurrent dilemma, increase the likelihood of a more satisfying and peaceful outcome?

In each possibility, "yes" is the answer, as long as you provide accompanying effort to deeply understand WHY in the past you've not reached your intended road.

Know your personal history, along with as much as reasonably possibly of your generational history relevant to the life area which you'd like improving for yourself.

Doing so strengthens the likelihood of your success to redesign a particular dynamic held in place by conscious and hidden patterns which guide you toward a currently undesired result. 

Was your mother timid and agreeable in talking directly with your father, and showed disagreement and strong dissent toward his views when away from him?

Recognizing ways in which parents handled disagreements, and whether your values in this area are similar or different, is a necessary first step to consciously making your relationship patterns reflect who you are.

Continue more deeply with your self-exploration to the parts within you which may hesitate being open to changing interaction patterns which are different than familiar ones. 

Often, people feel fearful and even guilty, as though they'd be betraying a family member, if they handled their relationships differently than was customary for generations.

Asking yourself "WHY?" when you feel unsure of a new relationship step.

For instance,

Would you hesitate to start a relationship with a person whose race was different than your own? 

"WHY?" What life lessons on race did you hear growing up?

Would you hesitate  to acknowledge emotionally painful circumstances like loneliness or unattended sad moments during your growing up years? 

"WHY?" What relationship lessons on achieving emotional safety did you learn growing up?

Would you directly disagree with your partner or hide your true feelings, regardless of the topic?

"WHY?" What ways did your parents talk one way on the surface and live or try to live their true thoughts?

Knowing yourself and trusting who you are will always be beneficial.

Asking questions which further this knowledge and development will always be of value to you.

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