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Enourage Your Pain to Talk

Enourage Your Pain to Talk

Realistically all of us feel emotionally hurt once in a while.

Realistically too, many of us have been conditioned to override our sense of inner injury.

Some people after many times over many years, learned to accept their hurt and not tell anybody how they feel.

Sometimes this self-silencing develops into self-questioning,

 "Was it really so bad?", "was I at fault for how the other person hurt me?", "are my feelings worth talking about to another person, especially the one by whom I felt hurt?", 

Often this self-questioning turns further into fear of even hearing the way anyone, especially the one from whom the felt harm was received, would react and respond.

The longer the silence over feeling emotionally harmed, the greater the risk of damaging one's own sense of self!

Changing your inner response patterns is possible!

Recognize your pain's existence.

It doesn't go away by convincing it into not existing,, isn't necessary, is different than the emotion you genuinely feel.

Trust yourself to not be afraid of your own feelings.

Self-validation is the first step to soothe your pain, decide whether your best interest is to tell the one who hurt you, someone else, or no one.

Pain decreases once it is in full light of recognition.

Then you are in a stronger position than previously, to create new ways and patterning of involving yourself with others!

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