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Have Faith in Your Intuition

Have Faith in Your Intuition

Intuition within each person, is the quiet inner sensation encouraging us to move ahead with a decision or move in a direction, despite little to no clear evidence suggesting this.

Whether or not to move closer or further from accepting a certain job offer, start a relationship, decide on a neighborhood to relocate, often are decided by a "gut" feeling which has little connection to factual criteria.

In the context of intuition guiding us toward successful moves for ourselves, let's expand confidence in our intuition to the ways we handle situations which feel extraordinarily painful or generate anxiety.

Trusting any one, sometimes including ourselves while in anxiety or pain, which each direct us to close ourselves off from others, is very difficult. 

Remind yourself of a time you allowed intuition to guide you toward a positive outcome.

Borrow from this success to have faith this same intuition will lead you to better, more secure conditions.

Because your intuition connects to who you truly are.  

Even if and when you're unsure or feeling lost on knowing who you are.

Who you truly are, may be currently blocked by anxiety, pain, and possibly years' long dread of coming close to your truth.

Intuition doesn't have the prejudice against you which you may have learned by others' unwillingness to accept and love you.

Intuition would like you to see and take part in the beautiful truth of yourself, which you may be led to for the first time ever!

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