Don't Discredit Your Uniqueness with Psychology Jargon

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Don't Discredit Your Uniqueness w Psychology Jargon

Don't Discredit Your Uniqueness w Psychology Jargon

Social media and the easy  ability to turn complexity into simplicity, isn't always the best way to know what's going on within our hearts and minds.

Heartache in love, reluctance to speak how we feel, uncertainty of direction in a particular life area, are all complex, nuanced topics.

The speedy pace of search engines saves time and effort when looking for objective facts and science based research.

How we feel toward ourselves and relationships is neither objective nor fact based.

There are plenty of studies which examine the effect of major extreme conditions, such as trauma, emotional deprivation, emotional neglect, exploitation of another.

The results of such studies do awaken awareness of our sensitivity to how we treat and are treated by others.  These results contributed to our broader betterment as guidance for health and social system program development.

A problem however develops when people look online for enlightenment on their unique relationship circumstance, find a study about extremely harsh conditions, or an article written by someone who interpreted one of these extreme conditions as a template for handling a less severe emotional problem, then starts to consider themselves as deeply and chronically impaired as the people described in the study!


Maybe you are deeply and chronically impaired emotionally.

However, this conclusion is better reached by process of elimination than process of online searches.

Start w respecting your own sadness, feeling lost or unsure, afraid of what's next, loneliness, together with giving yourself the time, self-patience, acceptance, and belief in your ability to find a clear way along.

If reading online about severe, calamitous conditions helps you with self-recognition, then do so!  If going for walks surrounded by nature, talking to a therapist, doing creative projects, listening or playing music helps, then you're on the right road for your own development.

Always keep in mind however, to treat yourself with dignity and respect.  

These are qualities found within and will never be gained from any amount of online reading.

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